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Construction Updates - Lakeshore Campus

October 3rd

Now that school is in session, the halls of the KCS Lakeshore campus definitely sound different. The constant construction noises of saws, hammers and rock music playing on the worker's radios have now been replaced with laughter, the tuning of instruments, sliding chairs and the frustration of learning new locker combinations!

On July 1st, Kelowna Christian School embarked on a remarkable 6-week summer construction renovation. This ambitious project aimed to elevate the infrastructure, functionality, and security of our campus to create an even more conducive space for academic and personal growth. We are very proud to report that the Lakeshore Campus renovation finished strong and was made possible with the incredible group of over 75 KCS volunteers and countless construction crews.

During the work, it was evident that this property has been covered in prayer for decades. The crews involved were not only skilled professionals but also individuals who brought a positive and respectful attitude to their work. They were hardworking, generous with their time, and dedicated to our vision of creating an exceptional learning space. By God's grace, despite the scale of the renovation, we are thrilled to report that there were no accidents on site. We are so grateful for God's guidance, provision and grace throughout this project.

Over the course of the renovation period, all of the hard work invested ahead of time was materialized. The spaces that were reimagined by the Construction Committee came to life as the layouts of our classrooms changed to optimize space utilization and facilitate a more flexible and collaborative learning environment. The renovation highlights include upgraded lighting fixtures and maximized window exposure to enhance learning, reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our operating costs. In addition to new paint, flooring and sinks, new projectors and screens have been installed in each class, ensuring that teachers can seamlessly integrate multimedia content into their lessons. As part of this renovation, we have installed new fencing on our campus to enhance security. Additionally, we've updated our security features, including surveillance cameras and access control systems to provide a safe and secure learning environment.

During the renovation, our music room underwent a remarkable transformation! The raised floor was swiftly demolished, making way for the changes to come. The partition wall that once divided the gym from the music room was removed, and in its place, a sturdy concrete block wall was built. New lighting fixtures were installed, plumbing and cabinetry found their place, the walls came to life with fresh coats of paint and finally, new flooring was laid down, finishing the transformation of our music space. However, after all those elements were wrapped up, we realized the room was nowhere near complete. Originally, we hoped that the finishing products would dampen the sound enough to run the music program at a reduced capacity. We discovered that even the smallest of sounds bounced around the room, causing major echoing and essentially rendering the room useless for music. After bringing in a consultant, building a plan and reallocating some funds, the decision was made to move ahead with improved sound isolation and acoustics. Custom-built acoustic panels were meticulously crafted and installed by three dedicated trained volunteers over a three-week period. We couldn't have done it without the dedication of those 3 amazing people! To express our heartfelt appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the three volunteers who transformed our music room, we organized a special event. Over 200 students lined the halls, cheering and showing their gratitude as a token of our thanks. Lunch was provided as a gesture of our deep appreciation for their invaluable contribution to our school community!

We are immensely proud to acknowledge the profound impact of our KCS families during this renovation journey. A number of our dedicated families leveraged their businesses and resources to further enhance the project through donated or discounted materials and labour. Their unwavering commitment to our school community has not only accelerated the renovation process but has also exemplified the power of unity and shared values. This collaboration truly embodies the spirit of KCS, where each member contributes to the betterment of our school, enriching the educational experience for all.

The 6-week summer construction renovation at Kelowna Christian School Lakeshore Campus has resulted in a campus that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for student success and security. These enhancements reflect our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment that fosters growth, creativity, and community spirit while also ensuring the safety and well-being of our students.

KCS has welcomed our students and staff back to a revitalized and secure campus where they can continue to learn, grow, and excel with peace of mind. Thank you to all who contributed to making this project a resounding success. Led by God, we are building a brighter and safer future for our students at Kelowna Christian School Lakeshore Campus, guided by prayer and the dedication of our community. 

July 27th

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible volunteers who generously dedicated their time and effort to support our school renovation project. Your unwavering commitment has been truly remarkable.

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the collective efforts of our volunteers and demolition crew, we have nearly completed the initial stages of the demolition. The classrooms have been cleared out, supplies have been meticulously organized, and the old flooring has been removed, creating a clean slate for the upcoming transformation.

Currently, our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to remove walls, dismantle electrical systems, relocate cabinetry, and continue the removal of the remaining flooring. The progress we have made so far is inspiring, and we are excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead.

Halfway Through The Demolition!

July 10, 2023

As the renovation continues, we will keep you informed about the next steps and any additional updates that may arise. Your ongoing support and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Together, we are creating an environment that will positively impact the education and growth of our students for years to come.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication to our school. We are truly grateful for your involvement and look forward to sharing more progress with you soon. Please continue to pray for a smooth renovation process without any costly interruptions.

Our community garage sale was a great success and we were able to sell much of the excess furniture and accessories, which in turn raised $1,034 towards KCS programs!

Staff Room Drywall Removal

With the flooring and electrical prepped, the drywall is ready to come down.

Staff Room Insulation Removal

Next the Insulation comes out before the wall can move.

Electrical junction boxes need to be dismantled

Making sure the classrooms function effectively is our first priority for this renovation.

July 1st - Community Work Day

A massive thank you to the 50 plus people that came out to our Lakeshore Campus renovation preparation day. Having grandparents, parents, alumni, friends of KCS, staff (7 elementary staff), and current students come out for four hours to prepare the new campus for a busy summer of construction was such a nice gift. On behalf of Kelowna Christian School, we are so grateful for this outpouring of support for Christian education!  

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