High School (9-12) - Kelowna Christian School
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High School

Our dedicated and professional Christian teachers work together with students to give every opportunity for success and prepare them for future challenges.

Our KCS High School not only prepares our Grade 9 -12 students for the world of work or study, but also aims to graduate young people who know who they are, where they came from and where they are going in God’s plan for their lives. The final years of schooling are filled with many choices and opportunities.

Our academic program engages students to learn the core subjects through hands-on, individualized and project-based learning projects that have real world connections. While we strive for academic excellence in all areas, our foundational focus is to create connections between faith and learning. Chapels, class devotionals, sports teams and peer tutoring give students opportunity to discover and pursue their own unique passions and identity.

Admissions Contact

For enrollment enquiries please contact the Admissions Office:

P. 250.861.5432 (ext. 2205)
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Since it's inception, KCS has been committed to being an academically excellent school. For some, the simplest measure of whether a school is 'academically excellent' is how it does on standardized tests - such as BC's annual provincial exams. By this measure, KCS has and continues to be one of the strongest schools in the province. We take pride in the fact that our graduating students are very well prepared for the expectations, pressure and challenges that post-secondary education generates through our commitment to rigor and excellence.

Excellence is a core value of our school, but we don’t just mean high test scores. We mean students should strive to do well, and through encouragement and engagement achieve their personal best in a process of continuous improvement. Excellence at KCS means we push ourselves and our students to keep getting better using our best effort. True excellence requires an ongoing effort - perseverance and grit. A willingness to accept failure and use it as a springboard for continued effort. As a Christian school we acknowledge and want to develop the inclination to trust God to be there in the hard times.

At KCS, we aren't seeking simply well-educated students who try to live moral lives (although that sounds like a pretty admirable goal). We desire graduates who are truly different - who are peculiar. People who see and respond to the world differently. People who seek God's handiwork all around them and desire to accomplish His purposes. Ultimately, we believe in teaching and education that is transformational. 


We highly value making real world connections at KCS and love serving the global community. Each year dozens of KCS students travel internationally to serve various communities. These countries include: Zambia, Bolivia, Mexico, Thailand and India. Learn more on our Global Missions page - click here to visit.



We aim to create a range of opportunities for students to explore and use their unique gifts and talents in our community. Opportunities include worship band and media in chapels, concerts, drama productions and musicals. Students are invited to express themselves by drawing on different artistic learning experiences, such as art, drama, film & media, music and worship arts classes.

We love creating visual, oral, aural and kinesthetic learning environments which promote an appreciation of the various art forms. This appreciation comes to life when students develop their character by using their gifts and imagination to discover their story in God’s story.

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We believe that taking part in physical activity of any kind is significant in the overall balanced development of a child. Participating in and appreciating sports contribute to our physical, emotional and social development. At Kelowna Christian School (KCS) we endeavour to educate the whole person. Just as we nurture cognitive development within our school curriculum, we also encourage it through our athletic program.

Taking part in various sports and physical activity gives students the opportunity to discover a range of strengths outside those of academic learning. Involvement contributes to students’ development of personal identity and self-esteem. Participation in team sports also develops strong community with peers. Students find their role and experience growth through commitment, achievement, challenges, perseverance and team work. All these elements help to prepare them for life beyond KCS.

Kelowna Christian School has fully equipped gyms at both campuses, external fields, indoor basketball courts and lots of opportunity for our students to get involved. We consistently rank highly in the province often winning provincial championships. Our senior boys basketball and senior girls volleyball consistently rank with the best in British Columbia - placing in many Provincials over the past several years.

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