Middle School (6-8) - Kelowna Christian School
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Middle School

We understand the complicated issues facing pre-teens and teenagers and aim to provide a school program that maintains a balance between the academic, Christian discipleship and personal development. We recognize that adolescents experience rapid physical, personal and social changes in their lives. For some, these years can be difficult as the students search for purpose and meaning.

Our KCS Middle School provides a safe, challenging and engaging environment where Grade 6 – 8 students are supported to discover and pursue their own unique passions and identity. Our Christian teachers reinforce a tight, caring community by guiding students through their challenges and successes.

Our academic program engages students to learn the core subjects through hands-on, individualized and project-based learning projects that have real-world connections.  Alongside the core subjects, our Middle School students are offered a range of subjects in their Explorations block. From Foods and French to Drama and Media, we even have offered Woodworking, Golfing and Leadership classes. Students discover who they are as they develop socially and explore new challenges and interests. We encourage our students to apply these capabilities to their life and faith.

Admissions Contact

For enrollment enquiries please contact the Admissions Office:

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Middle School should be a time of enthusiasm, exploration, and energy. We desire to create a highly engaging Middle School culture through inspiring and varied academics, leadership opportunities and challenging chapels. Learning takes place in a variety of groupings, with students involved in a diversity of learning projects and experiences that have real-world connections.


Middle School is a time when connections really matter, both with peers and with adults. Strength and safety in relationships allow our students the confidence to be outward focused, serving, and act as a leader. Starting with strong homeroom identities, every Middle School student has a place to belong. As well, we have created intentional times for community building, including multi-graded Explorations classes, monthly community chapels, student recognition, and timetabled options for Middle School community-building.


Every student will be involved in at least one form of outreach or service throughout the year. The Middle School community supports Child of Mine, which runs two children’s homes in India. As well, each Middle School homeroom carries out a service/outreach project based on the passions, connections, and initiative of the students and their teacher. Homerooms share about their outreach experiences at community chapels throughout the year.



We aim to create a range of opportunities for students to explore and use their unique gifts and talents in our community. Opportunities include worship band and media in chapels, concerts, drama productions and musicals. Students are invited to express themselves by drawing on different artistic learning experiences, such as art, drama, film & media, music and worship arts classes.

We love creating visual, oral, aural and kinesthetic learning environments which promote an appreciation of the various art forms. This appreciation comes to life when students develop their character by using their gifts and imagination to discover their story in God’s story.

CLICK HERE to check out what's happening in the Music + Arts department!


Middle School students get the opportunity to try many different course offerings in the Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST) curriculum and in personal development through the explorations programs. 
Some of the explorations options in the past have been:

  • Drama
  • Foods
  • Concert Band
  • Choir
  • 3D Art
  • Textiles
  • Woodworking
  • Video Editing
  • Photography 
  • Robotics
  • Yearbook
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Leadership
  • Visual Art
  • Digital Citizenship
  • and more!


KCS Athletics aims to build skills, teamwork, and perseverance in students. Middle School students have had the opportunity to be on many sports teams like Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Soccer and more. CLICK HERE to learn more about KCS athletics.