Elementary School (K-5) - Kelowna Christian School
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Kindergarten - Grade 5 

Our KCS Elementary School provides a safe, nurturing environment where learning is exciting, positive and encouraging. Through fun and engaging challenges, students are encouraged to explore the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy through individualized and project-based learning. Our classes are led by gifted Christian teachers who genuinely care and uphold strong Christian values.


Nurturing and supportive teachers maintain high expectations for students. Partnering with our Student Support Teachers and Director of Teaching & Learning, Kristi Cooper, our elementary teachers seek to teach each child at their level of readiness and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone to grow and develop a love for learning. Coupled with innovative instructional activities and project-based learning strategies, our advanced literacy program leads to strong academic development.

Early literacy programs begin in Preschool at Kelowna Christian School. Learning Centres host play experiences that facilitate all areas of development, as well as directed teaching in literacy, numeracy, and fine motors. Learn more about our Preschool program here.


At KCS we believe that developing strong relationships among teachers, parents and students is vital and will ultimately shape their education. These relationships are formed by respect, love, positive examples, honesty, responsibility, guidance and forgiveness. All this is summed up by our "Me-Third" philosophy.

Community is foundational to our school. Teachers, staff, parents and students are intentional about creating and participating in activities and programs that focus on fostering relationships and service within our school, city and global community. We raise funds for projects, serve other students, and visit our friendly elders at Mountainview Residential Care Village. 

Relationships and mentorship are very important in our school. We seek to build community, not only with our peer group but also with “big buddies” in other grades at the Elementary Campus. We also pursue and value strong teacher-student and parent-teacher connections.


We love to create opportunities to foster and develop loving, caring and Christian character in our students. Our Me-Third philosophy influences every aspect of our elementary school community. We teach and remind students to place everything under the umbrella of God first, others second and “Me-Third”. Through this approach, our students have grown to respect others, build honouring friendships and a love for serving our community. Learn more about how we serve our school, local and global communities below.


KCS believes in an innovative and holistic approach to education. We offer high quality, education from Preschool through Grade 12 with intentional, interwoven progression. We work together with families to help each child grow academically, socially and spiritually. Core competencies of our Kindergarten program include: Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Positive Identity, and Socially Responsible. It truly takes a village to raise a child and we feel privileged to join you on the journey. We love and care deeply for all our students!



We have chapel every Friday which is both class lead and guest lead.  This year our Chapel theme is the Fruit of the Spirit.  We are learning how a life filled with the Spirit of God will produce fruit that is sweet and will draw people to God.  Parents are invited to join us for chapel as we sing, dance and learn more about who Jesus is.

Parents are invited to join us for Chapel on Fridays! 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm in the Heritage Room. 


We strive to provide all students multiple opportunities to be involved in at least three Me-Third opportunities throughout the school year. We mix local and international projects with opportunities to contribute money, time and acts of service. On an international level, we partner with our Highschool to support Child of Mine, a children's home in India, through helping with various fundraising events. As a school community, we also help and serve local organizations like The Salvation Army (food hampers) We also reach out to others in our community through individual class Me-Third projects.

In addition, classes walk with their teacher and parent volunteers to visit their “senior buddies” at Mountainview Residential Care Village on KLO Road. With their senior buddies, students may sing songs, present projects they have been working on, do crafts, interview residents or plant a garden. It is a real serving experience that sometimes takes students out of their comfort zone in serving others who may not be able to respond.


  • Academics: Chess, Programming, Science Fair
  • Athletics: Intramurals, Swimming, Skiing, Skating, Cross Country
  • Music & Art: Painting, Sculpture, Worship Team, Choir, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert
  • Yearly Field Trips