Jamie Roy - Kelowna Christian School
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Jamie Roy


I have 5 children and my husband, Dave, and I have been married our whole lives together since we were in university. We have 3 grown children and we have 2 adopted children from China, our daughter Jinny (10 years old) and Jace (13 years old). I enjoy reading, hiking, and travelling!

Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario; Bachelor of Education degree at UWO; Masters degree in Christian Counselling from Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairns University in Philadelphia). I have taught students ranging from pre-school to Grade 12 in 3 provinces and in one of Tony Campolo’s inner city schools in the U.S. Since 2003 I have either taught or counselled at both the high school and elementary school levels at KCS.  I have served as a childrens' pastor at KGF Church and have been employed by UBCO as a faculty advisor in the educational department to mentor and assess student teachers.

I am very passionate about teaching and am constantly seeking out professional development. I am most excited about teaching at the kindergarten level because of my desire to instill in these children a lifelong love for learning at an early age. I do this by a) offering them an enriched program, b) developing a sense of wonder through learning, and c) always striving to keep the learning fun! This approach is always carried out with academic excellence in mind and in a manner that enables each child to reach their full potential. Overall, my highest goal is to have these children fall more and more in love with Jesus. Social skills become a major component in achieving this goal and by the end of the year the students are saying: “No- you go first in line. I’ll be last.