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"I know I'm no glamour girl, and it's not easy for me to get up in front of a crowd of people. It used to bother me a lot, but now I've got it figured out that God gave me this talent to use, so I just stand there and sing."
Ella Fitzgerald

Mrs. Schumer and Mr. Friesen are our amazing Middle & High School Music teachers. In extraordinary times the investment into community values grows as does the  KCS Music Department’s vision is to passionately develop and maintain a vibrant, diverse music program of bands, ensembles, choirs and worship teams that serve as key places of engagement and belonging in our community.



The KCS Music Department is excited to announce the 1st ever KCS Music Festival!Music Festival Square

Band and Choir students in Grade 6 - 12 will take part in the festival during the week of April 19-24!

With COVID cancelling public performances and competitions this year, the KCS music teachers developed a novel idea of having a meaningful performance experience for our students: an adjudicated performance.

During the week's classes, Band and Choir classes will be playing for professional adjudicators Dennis Colpitts (Okanagan Symphony and Kelowna City Concert Band) and Taylor Bone (Okanagan Children's Choir). The adjudicators will also be working with each class as a clinician to further develop their skills. Families will be able to view each band's experience as they will be recorded for streaming.

What a great way to encourage growth in our students!

Check back here to get more information on tuning in to the events closer to the start of the festival

Merry Christmas from the KCS Music Department!

In times such as these Mr. Friesen, Mrs. Schumer and Mrs. deZwaan still found a way to showcase the wonderful work by students and their God-given potential. Our Middle School & High School Christmas concert was presented virtually this year. It features the

  • Gr. 6 Band
  • Gr. 7 Band
  • Gr. 8 Band
  • Gr. 9 Band
  • Senior Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Middle School choir
  • High School choir.


Various opportunities are available for students, including:

  • Concert Band (Gr. 6-12)
  • Jazz Band (Gr. 6-12)
  • High School Jazz Combo
  • Chapel Worship Teams (Gr. 6-12)
  • Middle School Choir
  • High School Choir

We are always seeking to grow and expand our KCS Music Department. Our desire is to provide exciting opportunities for our students to experience music in new ways through festivals, trips, band clinics, recording opportunities and events. In fact, our students have travelled to Anaheim to perform on stage in Disneyland and also participated in a Soundtrack Session workshop with a Disney Conductor! Check out the worship songs composed and recorded by our High School Chapel Worship Teams below.

The KCS Music Department also coordinates three annual events for our community. We invite you to join us for the Middle & High School Christmas Concert, Jazz & Java Café Fundraiser, and Middle & High School Spring Concert.

Not only does playing an instrument improve IQ and cognitive skills, the gift of music has the power to inspire and change the lives of our students. If you feel led to volunteer and/or donate to the KCS Music Program, please connect with Stefanie Schumer or Will Friesen directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


JUNE 2020:
Over the past three months, the Senior Contemporary Music class has been writing and recording an EP as a final class project. We were initially planning to have 6 tracks that were chosen by the students at Christmas. Every student submitted an original piece and any of those songs could have been chosen for this album. I was blown away by the talent and creativity of the students in this class. You should all be proud of your talent and dedication to the project. Because in-class learning was suspended, we had to finish the recordings entirely through personal recordings and email. This process limited the album to 4 songs. I am amazed at the quality achieved through iPhone and GarageBand recordings. Jessie Wagler’s glockenspiel section for “Here I Am” was even taken from an iPhone video! Now, it was tough to think of a name for this EP; “Quarantunes” was a frontrunner for a long time, but it didn’t quite capture the essence of the music. Because of the distanced nature of this project and current social climate, I thought that an appropriate EP name would be “Remote Places”. Jesus often took time in solitude to draw closer to God in prayer. In times like these, we can draw closer to God, become inspired, and in turn give Him praise.
I challenged the class to write songs deeper than typical contemporary worship songs, which could pass as a modern love song if Jesus’ name was removed. The four songs on this album all proclaim a deep love for Christ, seeking to understand more about Him in creative and unique musical ways. The students succeeded in producing an impactful worship album in addition to demonstrating musical excellence. I am extremely proud of all the work the students poured into this project. I would be remiss if I did not thank Connor Murdock for his willingness to record tracks, adjust arrangements, and continually support me in this project. I also need to thank David Fairfield, the producer and sound engineer of this project. He has an unbelievable heart for ministry, as well as a passion for supporting and educating the next generation of musicians. His technical, musical, and creative abilities are next to none. I hope you enjoy this EP, and please find a way to encourage these students for all of the amazing work that they have done.
 FRANCIS E Mr. Elijah Francis