Intersession2016 blueWHAT IS INTERSESSION ANYWAY? 
Intersession is the period between first and second semester where high school students engage in activities as diverse as missions trips and metal fabrication, and as broad as textile art and calculus. More than anything else, Intersession offers teachers and students a chance to work together in meaningful and authentic contexts that awaken and deepen their interest in a particular subject or field, as well as provide better and more options to strengthen their faith.

Fourteen KCS Grade 11 & 12 students travelled to India to serve, pray and love those at the Shanti Niketan Children’s Home. Learn more on our Global Missions page and about their journey at &

Thank you to all those who supported our Locos for Locals team of student servers. It was incredibly moving to watch our students make real connection and impact on those in our local community through various tangible acts of love. This year sixteen Grade 10 - 12 students served our community by cleaning homes, visiting and helping shut-ins, and in partnership with Hands in Service ( preparing and delivering meals to those in need. Thank you for helping our students love our community in bigger and better ways! Read about one of the many special moments during Locos for Locals below.

Mr. Schulz,

I believe it was you and two fine young men who delivered the food to my apartment last week. I was a bit emotionally overwhelmed at the generosity and didn't get a chance to relay my story. I was a single man, self-employed and in April of this year suffered a devastating stroke that left my right side paralyzed. I now solely rely on a CPP disability of $1100 a month, which doesn't even cover my expenses.

I am currently concentrating on trying to rehabilitate as much as I can, but at this point there is slim chance I ever regain use of my arm and will need a cane to walk the rest of my life. At some point I will try to reenter the workforce in a new capacity, but until then I rely on the food bank and some savings to supplement me. Your donation of food had a major impact on easing my struggle and it was wonderful to see you instilling these values in the younger generation. The food itself is delicious and much appreciated.

The young men should take great pride in becoming caring and generous members of society and you should take pride in showing them that path.

Thank you and take care,



Week one of Intersession 2016 is complete! It's been a great learning experience with students all over the world and in the classroom, going where no KCS student has gone before! All photos courtesy of the student Photography/Media Intersession group.

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Lots has happened during week two of Intersession 2016. We've had 15 students gaining valuable work experience at several local businesses all over Kelowna, including Williams Automotive, Martketer Inc. Group, CBI Health Centre, Kelowna Gymnastics, Trinity Baptist Church and Willow Park Church. Set Design, Drawing, Jazz, Math and Film classes also continue from last week. Skiiing at Big White was amazing, check out the video below! Our Locos for Locals group bought groceries and prepared meals for more families in need, and will deliver them this Friday. Watch our Facebook page (click here) for a special performance from our Jazz Combo this afternoon! Thanks again to our student Photography/Media Intersession group for these great photos!


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Brigitta-car Alex
Brigitta-art Devon Stagepainting
Brigitta 2 B. Hansum 27