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Inspiring a Love for Reading in Your Kids

 I am a self-professed book lover. Secretly, I would love to find a job where they paid me to read all day. Reading takes me to places I will never go and puts me in the minds of characters I would have trouble understanding otherwise. Reading didn't always come easily for me; I was a late starter in my reading journey and spent more time in t...

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 SUMMER MUSINGS Not surprisingly, as Head of School, I frequently get asked the question: "Why KCS?"Often the question is posed in the context of a conversation with a potential family. Really it's a version of the broader question of "Why this school?" - as opposed to "that" school. Mostly commonly (at least in my conversations) "that" school...

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Teaching Principles

 Kelowna Christian exists to educate and inspire our students so that they can be effective, active and engaged servants of Jesus - both in their life at school and in their lives beyond school. How does our mission meet the classroom and the broader educational life of the school?The KCS Design Principles for Teaching and Learning are simple ...

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