Many schools neglect their mission statement. Written to satisfy the needs of an external agency or at the behest of a long-forgotten administrator, it lies totally forgotten at worst or perhaps only occasionally mentioned as someone questions a document hanging dustily on the wall.

Other schools have a strong mission statement; however, it lacks buy in - either from the staff or the broader community or perhaps even both. As many school administrators and teachers can tell you, it's easy to 'forget' the centrality of the school's mission in the rush to get lesson plans ready for the day or to get a report off to the Ministry of Education.

As many of you will know the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team are in the midst of reviewing our school's mission statement. Our existing statement:

Our mission is to provide a community under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, where students receive a quality education for the whole person, taught from a biblical perspective, enabling them to develop a biblical worldview, and become responsible, growing disciples of Jesus Christ, who glorify God through a life of service to Him and others.

IMG 4541is more than 20 years old. Lots has changed both in society and our school during that period. It seemed timely to revisit, reflect and pray on this important matter. As I write this, we are about half way through the process. The Board and Leadership team have met with an external consultant and made a first draft. On June 27th we are sponsoring a staff day to consider the draft (as well as draft vision, core values and operational objectives). During September, we will be conducting both a parent survey and focus meetings to broaden input. So far this process has been characterized by a spirit of unity and commitment to accomplishing God's purposes for our school.

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 As we consider moving from draft to final product there are some important questions we will need to consider.

  1. Does the new mission statement adequately reflect who we are? As I mentioned, the degree of unanimity around the mission statement discussion has been encouraging. It's clear that all of the partner groups want to affirm our foundational commitment to build disciples of Jesus Christ. One way to consider the utility of a school mission statement is to consider how helpful it will to prospective families at describing who we are. Will this document support Leslie Pushor, our Director of Admissions, as she takes potential families on tours and answers questions about who we are as a school?
  2. Will it be useful for decision making? Every day as head of school I make numerous decisions - as do teachers, other staff and members of our Board. Will the new statement be helpful in keeping us focused, strategic and on target?
  3. How will we let staff, parents and others know our mission? The mission statement will only be effective if it lives in the shared commitment of our community. How will we ensure that it's broadly known and a touch point for everything we do?



At Kelowna Christian School, our mission is often a central part of a family's decision to enroll children with us. If you'd like to learn more about our mission, we invite you to contact or visit us.

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Darren Lewis
Lead Principal