Meet Sid Koop

"The primary goal of Christian education is the formation of a peculiar people - a people who desire the kingdom of God and thus undertake their life's expression of that desire." - James K.A. Smith

The 2015-2016 Parent Survey results confirmed that a significant majority of our families choose KCS because of their desire for a Christian education for their children.

We aren't seeking simply well-educated students who try to live moral lives (although this is an admirable goal), we desire graduates who are truly different - who are peculiar. People who see and respond to the world differently. People who see God's handiwork all around them and desire to accomplish His purposes. Ultimately, we want teaching and education that is transformational. Life changing education that inspires and empowers world changing students.

For this very reason, ten KCS teachers took six days of Teaching for Transformation (TFT) training in the 2015-2016 school year. We are also pleased to announce that KCS parent and Executive Director of Truth Matters Ministers, Sid Koop, will be our new Student Life Director for the Middle & High School this coming 2016-2017 school year. He will participate in and intentionally work to build relationships with students at various events and class trips, lead a number of chapels, and partner with and support teachers in building a strong faith foundation in students.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him in the hallways or seeing him in our MS/HS chapels, Sid is fun, passionate and eager to engage our students. Learn more about Sid Koop and his role at KCS in our interview below. Watch for more emails specifically sharing about Teaching for Transformation in the coming months.


headshot emailSID KOOP
MS/HS Student Life Director
  * TransRockies Mountain Bike Racer
  * World Traveller (Africa and Dominican Republic)
  * Christian Camp Lover

I am passionate about helping the next generation see and experience the truth of Jesus Christ. I've spent over 17 years in full time youth ministry, both in the local church and now as the full time Executive Director of Truth Matters Ministries, which includes overseeing the CYWC Regional Training Conferences across Canada. Currently, I'm working on my Doctor of Ministry in Emerging Generations at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. My wife Jen and I have two boys, Payton and Cole, who have a passion for sports, camp, youth group and shooting their dad with paintball guns!

Sid Koop 11. Why do you feel this position of Student Life Director is important?
This position is so important because I believe there are few callings more significant than creating environments that will enable us to effectively pass faith on to the next generation.  Our latest Canadian research tells us that at least 60% of young adults that have had a significant faith and church experience as a child or teen, are fully disengaged from church and most from faith by the time they reach their mid-twenties. I know KCS wants to play a significant role in fighting to change this reality.

I am honoured to join a team that is trying to understand not only how to educate students with a Christian worldview, but also create a community that will foster authentic spiritual formation (another word would be "discipleship"), no matter where a student is at in their faith journey. If this position can assist in that mission...I think it is a very important position, no matter who is filling it.

Sid Koop 22. How will your position as Student Life Director impact KCS families?
As a part-time position, the impact of this position will develop throughout the year. However, my desire is to inspire KCS students through the Gospel, equip our young leaders to better love and serve those around them, and inform parents on the key cultural and development issues our youth are facing today.

As Student Life Director, I will help parents better understand the complex cultural influences shaping our teens, and how we as parents can help our families navigate those realities. Not to mention, simply being another adult voice affirming the biblical values we would love our kids to embrace as they move through adolescence. We know it takes a village to raise our children well, and each of us at KCS want to be a part of that village, including myself.

Sid Koop 43. What do you look forward to doing in your new position at KCS?
There are many elements I'm excited about, including re-imagining chapels for the high school and being relationally present with students and teachers. But I'm also really excited about thinking through what it could look like for us to grow a community that would be healthy and transformative for all of us at KCS, students and staff alike. I know this is part of the long term vision for KCS, but again, it would be a real honour to invest in that vision over the next year.

Sid Koop 34. Why do you love KCS?
I love KCS because of the role it has played in my boys' lives. Both of my kids have experienced the good and the hard realities of life at KCS, and God has used and is using those experiences to build their character. In the end, as a parent and youth worker, it is their character that I am most concerned about. While it has not always been an easy journey, KCS has been a community where the leadership are committed to discipleship and character development, and Jenn and I are deeply thankful for that.