Intersession is the period between first and second semester where high school students engage in activities as diverse as missions trips and paper art, and as broad as set design and work experience placements. More than anything else, Intersession offers teachers and students a chance to work together in meaningful and authentic contexts that awaken and deepen their interest in a particular subject or field, as well as provide better and more options to strengthen their faith.


This year we had another great set of courses and opportunities organized for our Grade 10 - 12 students. We had students participate in all sorts of activities, service and training... not to mention, amazing trips to India for missions work and a Basketball Missions Trip to San Diego! In Kelowna, Grade 10-12 students were engaged and inspired through jazz combo, set design, art, paperology, skiing, Christian leadership training, and several work experience placements in our community. Thank you to all the teachers, parents and community members that helped make Intersession 2018 possible!

Our students created handmade cards using such techniques as quilling, marbleising, paper-cutting, block printing and calligraphy.

cards 1     cards 2     cards 5
cards 3     cards 4     cards 6


It’s always fun when Sid Loop, our MS/HS Student Life Director, is around! Along with Mrs. Zacharias, they facilitated a great leadership training program for our students. They spent time going through a curriculum called “The Way I’m Wired”, which included topics such as Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts, Best Qualities, and Finest Values; Rethinking Your Motives, Relationships, and Use of Time; Knowing Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats; Praying for Courage, Perseverance, and Miracles; and Writing Your Lifetime Dream.

Much of their time together included creating space for self-awareness in the areas of personality, gifts, talents, team building and soul care. Students finished their week by being challenged to develop their leadership skills to make a difference at KCS, and in their churches, community and beyond.

Leadership 1     Leadership 2


Seventeen KCS Grade 11 & 12 students went off to India to serve, pray and love those at the Child of Mine Shanti Niketan Children’s Home. Watch their story here. You can learn more about our Global Missions here.

India 3     India 2     India 3


Heather Parlane, from 2H Studios, guided our students through a week of experimenting with the medium of paper. While learning specific techniques and trying some wonderful ways of distorting and controlling paper, students created a variety of paper projects, samples and experiments. The students’ work included paper making, dying, casting, marbling, folding, lanterns and collage. Students also learned about paper’s appearance in art history throughout their classes.

Paper 3     Paper 1     Paper 2
                           Paper 8     Paper 9     Paper 10
                                               Paper 4     Paper 5     Paper 7

Mr. Murdock, our amazing MS/HS Music Director, taught and further developed the talents of our students through Jazz over the week of Intersession 2018. Through an intensive performance-based course they explored jazz theory (scales, modes, chord extensions), history, and musical improvisation through a small combo and performed for our campus at the end of the week.

Jazz 1     jazz 3
jazz 2     Jazz 4


Our talented Lead Principal, Mr. Lewis, led a group of students through the photographic process of capturing light. They spent several days outside learning to take great photos despite the clouds, and through post production how to turn any photo into true art. The students also had the opportunity to visit a professional photographic/video studio and practice taking portrait shots. Their work was great – check out their photos below!

 photo 1     photo 2     Photo 3
                             photo 4    photo 6
                                                                               photo 7


Mr. Schulz and Mrs. Michaud worked with our students to cook and deliver meals for people with disabilities through our partnership with Hands in Service. This has been one of our favourite ways of loving and serving those around us in our local community.

locals 1      locals 2       Locals 3

locals 4       locals 6       locals 5   


Students composed a wide range of original writing pieces, including short fiction (both original and derivative), poetry and personal essays. They  discussed a range of strategies and techniques for improving creative writing, including handling dialogue and description, presenting imagery in both poetry and prose, and constructing plots. Sharing their writing with the rest of the group, the creative writing class finished their week with a pizza party!

writing 1      writing 2      writing 3

The community became the classroom for several of our students during Intersession this year. They gained knowledge and experience, and had the opportunity to apply classroom learning, further develop their faith or a skill in a context outside of school. We are so thankful for our local businesses that partnered with our students this year. We had three students at our own Elementary Campus job shadowing teachers. One student helped at Kettle Valley Coffee & Scoops, another learned tech & video at Sunridge Church; and we even had one student at the Canadian School of Ballet.

 work 2      work 1      work 3

Students worked with Mr. Van Dyk on building the set for our High School Musical - The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. They helped with design research, and spent most of their time building and painting the scenery for the set.

 set 2     set 8     set 3
                 set 5      set 1      set 7

Students participated in safety training and ski lessons at Big White Ski Resort.

 Feb. 5 skiing 3     Feb. 5 skiing 2     Feb. 5 skiing 1