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I have always loved working with children, and after high school I went straight into the Arts Education program at the University of Regina in my home province of Saskatchewan. I love music, drama, dance, and visual art, and this program lined up perfectly with all my interests. Upon completion of the program I was hired as the Arts Education teacher at Harvest City Christian Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. I worked there for two years before making the decision to move to London, England, to teach and travel. 

My husband, Ben, and I enjoyed teaching in London and loved the many opportunities we had to travel. We have travelled to 19 countries, some of our favourites being Norway, South Africa, India, and Switzerland. While still in London, Ben and I accepted our positions at KCS in 2018, and we made the big move to Kelowna before ever having visited this beautiful city. Mr. Woolhead is enjoying teaching Grade 12 English and Humanities at the Middle & High School campus, and I am loving teaching the arts at the Elementary campus. Outside of school, I enjoy painting portraits, hiking, and playing board games.

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