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When I was two years old, I declared that I was going to grow up to be a teacher.  At that time, it was a “swimming lesson teacher”, but my goal of being a teacher hasn’t ever wavered!  I grew up in Kelowna and attended Okanagan Adventist Academy from Grades 1-5.  I then was homeschooled and completed high school via correspondence.  I attended Okanagan University College/UBC-Okanagan to complete a Bachelor of Arts in English and Anthropology (2007) and then received my Bachelor of Education through the UBC West Kootenay Teacher Education Program in 2008.  Since then I have worked as a K-2 Teacher in Port Hardy, BC, a K-3 Teaching Administrator in Vernon (along with teaching assorted classes to Grades 4-9), and then spent a year as a Teacher on Call in the Kelowna area (Preschool-Grade 12) before starting my Kelowna Christian School career in 2014. 

My classroom is a busy place where students are working on a wide variety of projects and activities designed to keep them moving and learning all the time! I believe that the best learning happens when students are doing rather than listening, and if you peek in the windows you will see students engaged in many different activities…often at the same time.  We have daily learning stations, weekly spelling tests, and frequent “Great Discoveries”.  Most importantly, students are learning that “God’s Plan For You is Jesus”, and that each of us is a part of His awesome creation!

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