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Pam Toews


Although I was born in Prince George, BC, I was only 2 months old when we moved to Kelowna so I consider myself a true native of this beautiful city. I was privileged to grow up in a Christian home so it felt natural for me to accept Christ and I have followed him wholeheartedly since an early age.

After pursuing my B. of Ed. at SFU, God lead me to KCS in 1992 and I have had the pleasure of teaching many students over the years. Education is always changing and it is still as exciting for me to learn and implement new ideas as it is to teach them to my students. In my classroom I love using drama, project based learning and hands on techniques to teach my students to think critically and to become lifelong learners.

I am married to my amazing husband, Colin, who is my greatest encourager and support. We love being together whether it’s travelling to new places and geocaching or reading and relaxing on our favourite local beach.  I have two beautiful daughters both of whom graduated from KCS and are pursuing their talents and passions.

I am blessed.  


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