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Monday, April 29, 2019



One member from each family in our Society is encouraged to attend the KCS Annual General Meeting, which helps guide us in fulfilling the Vision for KCS. We had great feedback from many of the people attending our SAGM in November, sharing that the meeting gave them a clearer picture of where KCS is heading. We will give you more information regarding the meeting closer to the date.

One portion of the meeting will be electing members to the Board of Directors and that is the main reason for this email. Our bylaws state the Board of Directors shall consist of between 7 - 9 Full Members who are not directly employed by the school or whose spouse is not employed by the school (ex. parents with children who attend full-time); two of the Directors may be Associate Members (alumni and interested parties). We currently have seven Directors, with Matt Butler is serving for one year as an appointed member who needs to go through the normal nomination and election process for next year.

In my six years on the Board, one of the things that has been clear to me is that many people in our society do not fully understand the role of a strategic board like ours. I hope you will read on to get a bit of explanation about the role of our board and the need for strategic board members. I have been very encouraged with the progress we have made, along with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and staff, in creating a more strategic board governance model, then creating and beginning to implement a strategic plan (vision, mission and core values). This has been a win for KCS, that if fully utilized, can be used to guide everyone with a clear sense of how to measure progress and success, and what ideas to prioritize and implement. KCS exists to be a Christ-like community passionately transforming our world. Anything helping our society move in the direction of that vision is our top priority. The mission is how and what we do to achieve the vision. Our mission is to educate, equip and inspire our school community to become disciples of Jesus who love and serve God and others. The culture we desire to create and support to accomplish both of those statements is one that is rich in the following core values of: prayer, excellence (personal best), Biblical foundation, creativity, perseverance and integrity. The desire of the Board is that these all ooze out of every classroom, staff member, sports team, etc... so that they are not a planning document, but are part of our culture helping KCS to fulfill God's will for each child and member of our Society.


Our strategic Board is tasked with leading the school in the direction that the parents, staff, Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Board have laid out as the strategic plan for KCS. It is high level strategic management of the school not "on the ground" operational management. Our main employee is the head of School, Mike Campbell, who we task to lead the school in day to day operations. To take one of his metaphors, Mike is the captain of the ship steering the vessel, and we are up in the "crow's nest" giving him the directions of where to go.

The Board should know what is going on in the school generally but we are not making day to day operational decisions, we task Mike Campbell to have great people in place who are most qualified to make educational and operational decisions. So the board does not implement our own ideas into the school, or direct staff how to do their job, etc. We don't have an agenda in operations, other than involvement in strategic committees and getting reports on progress towards our strategic plan (the mission, vision and strategic objectives we have laid out with the SLT).

Our Board Directors can serve two terms of 3 years each, which has pros and cons. One of the cons is that it results in turnover of our Board members regardless of how vital their input is. Last year, we lost two board members after their second term who were very vital to the transition to a more strategic board, Lee Turner and Suzanne Gardzella. This year we lose two more board members who have been a part of the strategic planning process, including myself. I mention this just to highlight that this is a vital time to have the right people on our Board who can think strategically and help continue the direction we have taken, which has been so well received in the short time we have been moving in this direction.

Intentionally, our Board desires to attract and build a diversified team of committed servants, demonstrating a variety of personal and/or professional competencies and experience. To complement the existing profile of Directors, there is a desire to receive nominations of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who have a background in: law, finance or accounting, education, capital fundraising, strategic management/board constitutions, secretarial management of an organization or board including document version control and digital document platform sharing, human resources management, commercial or "ALR" real estate development or land use.

This spring, a total of six (6) Director positions will be available for election. There are two existing Directors - Tracie Koebel and Tim Wood (Board Chair) - who will have served two consecutive 3-year terms, and will be ineligible for re-election until the lapse of one year. One board member, Shawn Klassen, will be stepping down after serving their first three-year term, but will continue to serve on the Discipleship Committee and other areas of strength. Matt Butler is serving a one-year appointment by the Board, but will need to be nominated and voted on to begin his three-year full term on the Board for 2019-2020. There are currently two (2) vacant positions on the Board. This totals to six spaces available for election and only one current board member, Matt Butler, up for election into one of these positions.

Board nomination papers must be returned no later than sixty (60) days before the AGM - by Wednesday, February 27, 2019. This deadline allows the Board nomination committee to meet with each nominee in advance to help them understand the responsibilities and time commitments required for the position. Briefly, the Board meets approximately once per month for a period of 3 - 4 hours. Varying amount of time is needed for reading and responding to emails, but this is often time-sensitive. Beyond those commitments, there can be extra time requirements for meeting preparation, service on committees, and attendance at other special meetings.

If you are interested, we ask that you complete the KCS Board Nomination Form (click here) and have it signed by two nominators who are Society members in good standing, and email it to the KCS Board (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please submit the nomination form no later than Wednesday, February 27th. Eligible Society members present at the AGM will vote to determine who will fill the vacancies on the Board. Nominees will require a majority vote to be elected even if there are less nominees than available positions.

Please commit to praying for the right members to feel called to serve on the Board. Also, please take the initiative to approach people to prayerfully consider serving on the Board who you feel would fit the above criteria well. My hope is that through this we will see even greater progress towards God's vision for KCS and great unity within our society.

Important information, including the agenda, information about nominees, budget, and previous minutes from the last meeting will be forthcoming in a separate email. Your participation in the Society by attending our Annual General Meeting helps guide us in fulfilling the vision for KCS. We hope to see you there on April 29th at 7pm.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

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