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Stories are powerful...

They are the fabric of society and one of the most powerful methods of education. Jesus taught through parables and lived the greatest story of all. Storytelling evokes emotion, encourages connection and invites the listener to engage in a deeper way to discover their story within the one being shared. At Kelowna Christian School, we believe each moment and learning experience provides the opportunity to help our students discover their own unique and meaningful story. Most importantly, their place in God’s story as a disciple of Jesus.
Our desire is to partner with home and church to create a challenging and creative learning environment to inspire students to discover and develop their unique role and impact in our local and global communities. We seek to be a Christ-like community passionately transforming our world. Students that are not only leaders of the next generation, but also caring servants in His kingdom through authentic, relationship with Jesus Christ.
Kelowna Christian School provides transformative, excellent education that builds a strong foundation of identity, knowledge, purpose and Christ-like character. We are passionate about education that equips and inspires students to be disciples who are world changers that love and serve God and others.