2016-17 Enrollment Update - Kelowna Christian School


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“Our mission is to provide a community under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, where students receive a quality education for the whole person, taught from a biblical perspective, enabling them to develop a biblical worldview, and become responsible, growing disciples of Jesus Christ, who glorify God through a life of service to Him and others.”

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By: Darren Lewis - Lead Principal

KCS begins our re-enrollment cycle with current families in January. The data we receive from this process is the foundation on which we make decisions; such as whether we have two Grade 3 classes or three. This in turn drives important staffing decisions around the number of teachers we need at a particular grade and ultimately whether a grade is full or has space for additional students.

finalIn comparison to previous years, our re-enrollment process is going very well and applications for admission by new families is strong. As I write this (March 21), we are at 94% of our projected enrollment for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  In fact, compared to where we were at this point last year, we are up 52 students! Last year we settled at 600 students and this year we are projecting 625 students to be enrolled at KCS - both numbers excluding our International ELL Program students.  We are very optimistic that we will meet or exceed our projections. With renewed growth, the challenge has become one of management. We want to ensure the quality of education is maintained for all families, and therefore take great consideration in the composition and dynamics of each grade and class.

At this moment, we have one grade that has already reached capacity and several others that are rapidly approaching capacity. It is likely that multiple classes will be full in the very near future, and new applying as well as late reenrolling students at several grade levels will be placed on waiting lists.

While the large majority of current KCS families have already re-enrolled for the coming year, some have either not yet made the decision or simply have not yet completed the paper work. TO ENSURE PLACEMENT FOR THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR, we highly encourage existing KCS families to SUBMIT COMPLETED RE-ENROLLMENT PAPERWORK BY FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 2016. While we will make every effort to place students whose paperwork is submitted after this date, we cannot guarantee it. 

We understand that the decision of which school to enroll your children is an important one. We would hate for any child to be denied admission simply because their paperwork wasn't submitted in time. Please contact Leslie Pushor, Director of Admissions & Recruitment, with any questions or concerns about your re-enrollment package or new families applying to the school.

Growth - surely a sign of God's blessing - presents the opportunity to be fully submissive to God's plans. As a school we continue to seek your prayers as we move into the future God has for us.

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