Meet Kristi - Kelowna Christian School


Meet Kristi Cooper

During the 2016-2017 school year, Kelowna Christian School (along with every other school in BC) will be implementing the new BC Education Plan. This Plan is one of the most significant curricular changes in the province's history. With this backdrop, KCS is excited to introduce Kristi Cooper as our new Director of Teaching & Learning - she will begin her role this August.

Kristi, among other things, is a KCS parent with a great understanding of who we are and a strong commitment to both teaching excellence and our core mission of nurturing engaged and growing Christ-followers. Most recently, Kristi has been working within SD23 as a member of the Early Learning and Literacy team, with a focus on helping teachers with their classroom instruction. Kristi also brings a strong background in literacy education and experience as a children's ministry staff member with one of our local churches.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, Kristi is super engaging and enthusiastic. We are excited to have such a gifted person on our team at KCS. Learn more about Kristi and her role at KCS in our interview below.


Director of Teaching + Learning

  * Mother to three - Alexis (KCS graduate), Sam (Gr.4) and Nola (Gr.2)
   * Lover of sports – especially running and basketball
   * Avid reader – especially childrens’ books
   * Loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen



I chose my future profession in grade two when I had the most incredible teacher who inspired me, and still does when I think about her classroom. I met my husband when he took my class photo in my second year of teaching. We still playfully argue about who showed interest in who first. I love childrens’ books far more than adult books and have an ever growing library. I love seeing an Amazon box on my doorstep and hope that one day I write a children’s book of my own.


K.Cooper 11. Why do you feel this position of Director of Teaching and Learning is important?
Teaching is an amazing profession. Being able to inspire students to love learning is one of my greatest joys. However, sometimes the job can be lonely and we can get isolated in our classrooms and in our routines. Not because we aren’t creative or inspired but because it’s what we know. In this position there will be opportunity to share my passions for innovative ways of teaching and learning with KCS teachers. In the past number of years I have been able to focus on lesson design, curriculum implementation and creating classroom activities that meet the needs of diverse learners. I am excited to share this learning with the staff and students at KCS. With the implementation of the redesigned curriculum this fall there are big changes in education. Having this position will give opportunities to provide support in the implementation of these changes.

K.Cooper 22. How will your position as Director of Teaching and Learning impact KCS families?
My prayer is that in this position I am able to support families in their understanding of the changing curriculum. Providing them with opportunities to extend their child’s learning beyond the walls of the classroom. I see parents as partners in education. I know that when families and schools work together students are more engaged and successful. As a parent of two children at KCS (and another one just having graduated), I am excited about working towards more ways to work together as partners in education.

K.Cooper 33. What do you look forward to doing in your new position at KCS?
I believe in ALL children and their abilities to learn. I believe that learning happens best when we are engaged and the learning is personally meaningful. Teaching our students to be thinkers instead of simply rememberers is going to be essential to their success in our ever changing world. I am excited about co-creating a learning community where we (parents, teachers, students and community members) can share our expertise and embark on the journey together towards lifelong learning. My greatest delight is the opportunity to help inspire students to love God and to discover the amazing things they were each created for. I am humbled and honoured to be in this position and am so excited to begin this new chapter.

K.Cooper 44. Why are you excited to work at KCS?
I am beyond excited to be a part of the KCS staff this September. I love all that KCS stands for. I love the community, the Me-Third philosophy at the Elementary Campus and the focus on Jesus. A love for Jesus and a love for students has been evident in all of the staff I have encountered, and I feel privileged to now get to work alongside them and students both in and out of the classroom.



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