Presentations of Learning Night - Kelowna Christian School


Given the challenge of finding ways to make a positive impact in a world, our Grade 6 students were asked to consider whether their actions could make a better world. Could they do something more significant than just raising money for a good cause? Could they change how people think and act? Literally could they "Make an Impact!"?

Organized around the driving question "How can our actions here in Kelowna impact global issues around the world?", each Grade 6 class tackled two global issues, such as environmental challenges, the refugee crisis, drug trafficking, access to education and clean food and water. In small groups students have investigated the problems and potential solutions involved with one issue.

Grade 6 Presentations of Learning takes place at the Benvoulin Campus on Thursday, April 21 from 6:30pm - 7:45pm. CLICK HERE for the Facebook event. Adults will be asked to provide feedback on the impact of two presentations based on the student's understanding and motivations in their chosen issue.

Come and support our students as they struggle both to understand a complex issue and to 'Make an Impact through influencing the thoughts and actions of others.



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