Since it's inception, KCS has been committed to being an academically excellent school.
For some, the simplest measure of whether a school is 'academically excellent' is how it does on standardized tests such as BC's annual provincial exams. By this measure, KCS has and continues to be one of the strongest schools in the province.
We believe that things like strong provincial exam scores are a consequence of our core mission - not its purpose. We exist as a school to educate and inspire our students to become disciples of Jesus who make a difference. 






At KCS, we aren't seeking simply well educated students who try to live moral lives (although that sounds like a pretty admirable goal) we desire graduates who are truly different - who are peculiar. People who see and respond to the world differently. People who seek God's handiwork all around them and desire to accomplish His purposes. Ultimately we want teaching and education that is transformational.
In the classroom, through things like our KCS Design Principles for Teaching and Learning we seek to make learning an opportunity for students to fully engage in their own growth.
KristiOne of the pieces of advice that Kristi Cooper, KCS Director of Teaching and Learning loves to give (and we love to see in the classroom) is to introduce students to the word "yet". 
"As a mom and a teacher I hear the words “I can’t” often. It deeply saddens me when I hear a young child saying things like “I can’t do math” or “I’m not good at reading.” Their belief statements often run so deeply that it defines what they are or are not willing to try. I have met children as early as five years old who already have a deeply embedded belief in their abilities. They believe that these skills are already formed and they either have them or they don’t.As an educator I know this simply isn’t true. Intelligence isn’t fixed, it’s learned and developed. One word can help your students move from the “I can’t” to the “I can”. When your child says “I can’t”, respond with, “I can’t yet”. For example, “I can’t do math... yet”, “I’m not good at basketball... yet.” The more our children hear this in their lives (and our own), the more they begin to see learning as a journey that we are all on. Helping your children understand that we are constantly growing and learning is one of the best gifts you can give them."

The fundamental idea behind this that all students have a God-given ability to engage and to grow resonates deeply with us individually as Christian Educators and collectively as a school.






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