India Missions Trip 2017

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- Parker Palmer

“Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique;

GIFTED TEACHERS | Reason #37 of Why We Love KCS

good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher”


Scott Campbell

Vice Principal, Middle

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Looking for student homework assignments or class information? The Middle School uses Google Classroom for workflow and to distribute due dates for assignments. Parents are encouraged to regularly log in to their child's KCS Google account to review their progress. You will be able to see the following:

•    upcoming due dates from all your child's classes in one calendar
•    assignments given through Google Classroom (including link and videos)
•    a list of work that has been completed and is still to be done
•    your child's work (both submitted and in progress)

Parents can access Google Classroom account at You will require your child's KCS email address and their KCS Google password. If you prefer, you can view the account on your mobile by downloading the Google Classroom app from Android or Apple.



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  • Am I a Poet?

    Am I a poet? It's been an important question for Mrs. Sabbagh's Grade 7 class over the past few weeks. Check out their work and join us for the Grade 7 Poetry Cafe on April 27th!
  • Lego Today. Steel Tomorrow.

    The Oasis Design Lego 800 Competition is a long-running and greatly anticipated, annual event for our Grade 1 – 5 students. Not only is it fun, it helps develop perseverance and grit in our students too!
  • Intersession 2017

    Intersession is a period between first and second semester where high school students engage in activities as diverse as missions trips and metal fabrication, and as broad as textile art and calculus.
  • Shalom & Merry Christmas from KCS!

    Kelowna Christian School wishes you and your family God's Shalom as you celebrate God with us this holiday season. Merry Christmas!
  • When the Going Gets Tough - Growth Mindsets

    “If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy the effort, and keep on learning. That way, their children don’t have to be slaves of praise. They will have a lifelong way to build and repair their own confidence.” - Carol Dweck
  • The Fraser Report is Coming! The Fraser Report is Coming!

    The "Fraser Report" as it's come to be known is both widely used and widely mocked.
  • BC Education Plan - Part 2

    This September, BC is implementing one of the largest changes in education in decades. Read more from Kristi Cooper, our Director of Teaching + Learning, and join us for a Curriculum Information Night on Tuesday, September 27th at 7pm.
  • The Big Tent: What We Believe

    Kelowna Christian was founded more than 35 years ago with the marriage of two schools (Evangel Christian Academy and Kelowna Christian School) one of which had a Pentecostal background, the other Reformed.
  • Inspiring a Love for Reading

    "The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" - Dr. Seuss. Kristi shares how to inspire a love for reading in your children.
  • Teachers Building Leaders

    What a blessing to have three of our teachers win the Loran Scholars Foundation 'Teachers Building Leaders' Award. Having two of our KCS Alumni, Christina & Hayden (also Loran Scholar Award winners), visit and present the awards was the cherry on the cake. Congrats Mrs. Hallonquist, Mr. Schulz and Mr. Rauser! :)
  • Hiking, History & Pokemon

    As a mom and teacher there are many ways that we can engage our children in learning and get them outside into the community around us without having them chase imaginary characters on a screen.
  • Meet Sid

    KCS Parent. Mountain Bike Racer. World Traveller. Christian Camp Lover. Meet our new MS/HS Student Life Director. Learn why we're excited and what it means for your child.
  • Mission Matters: Refining Who We Are

    Many schools neglect their mission statement. Written to satisfy the needs of an external agency - or at the behest of a long-forgotten administrator, it lies totally forgotten at worst or perhaps only occasionally mentioned as someone questions a document hanging dustily on the wall.
  • Servanthood: A Core KCS Value

    KCS is called to be part of a transformative process in our students' lives - to become a place where we purposely create moments and conditions where students can have transformative encounters with God - to have their own 'Isaiah moments'.
  • Presentations of Learning Night

    How can our actions here in Kelowna impact global issues around the world? Join us for an interactive evening as we hear from our Grade 6 students on various global issues and their potential solutions to the problems we face today.
  • Chromebooks

    KCS is excited to offer a new program where every student in Middle School will be assigned a Chromebook.
  • Meet Kristi

    KCS Parent. Avid Reader. Sports Lover. Meet our new Director of Teaching & Learning. Learn how her role impacts your child.
  • 2016-17 Enrollment Update

    Having just passed our early enrollment deadline, KCS is at 94% of projected enrollment!
  • Teaching for Transformation

    The primary goal of Christian education is the formation of a peculiar people – a people who desire the kingdom of God and thus undertake their life’s expression of that desire
  • BC Education Plan - Pt.1

    BC’s Education Plan is based on a simple vision: Capable young people thriving in a rapidly changing world.
  • Intersession 2016

    Intersession is a nine day period between first and second semester where high school students engage in activities as diverse as missions trips and metal fabrication, and as broad as textile art and calculus.
  • Global Missions

    January 22 - February 5, 2016 KCS embarked on a trip with 14 Grade 11 and 12 students and 4 teachers to India to help at the Shanti Niketan Children’s Home.

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